Premier Advance

A medium to long term savings plan, designed with choice and flexibility at its core.

Premier Advance provides portability and tax efficiency, plus access to some of the world’s leading fund managers. 

If you are looking to save a minimum of USD 300 per month, then it may be the solution for you whether you are saving for school fees, a new car, to support your family, fund your retirement or simply putting money aside for a rainy day.

Product features Investor benefits
Tax efficiency. Your savings could grow free of income and capital gains taxes (with the exception of irrecoverable withholding tax) regardless of your country of residence.
Hold your plan in trust/name up to 4 policy holders. Can deliver estate planning and tax benefits.
Can be issued as up to 10 separate policies. Giving you flexibility and the opportunity to make gifts of some of the policies to others.
Death benefit. 101% of the plan value if the last of the named Lives Assured dies while the plan is active.
Payment flexibility.

You can make payments in US Dollars (USD), Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) or UAE Dirham (AED), increase, decrease or take a break from payments through a 'payment holiday'.

Make a lump sum payment. From just 3,000 US Dollars (USD) - take full advantage of your bonus payments and salary increases.
Monthly loyalty bonus. 0.5% of the plan value each year, starting after the tenth anniversary of the plan.
Access to some of the world’s best fund managers. Our in-house investment experts select some of the best funds available and offer you a wide range to meet your investment requirements and risk appetite.
Access your money through one-off or regular withdrawals. For instance, to meet school fees.
Minimum premium. From 300 US Dollars (USD) per month.

Next Steps

To help achieve your financial goals, it’s important that you get independent financial advice. You can only buy our products through a financial adviser, so please speak to yours for guidance. They will help ensure your plans are tailored to meet your needs. If you do not have a financial adviser click here