Business protection

Life changes. Be prepared. Be protected.

You may have already taken steps to protect your business against major failures and put together a business continuity plan to ensure its future if things go wrong. But have you considered insuring against the loss of your most important business assets – your key employees?

Business protection insurance can help mitigate the impact of a serious illness or the death a key employee may have on your business.

Have you considered the financial implications for your business if a key employee or a business partner were to die or fall seriously ill?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do your have key employees without whom business performance would suffer?

Have you thought about the likely impact on your business if one of your key employees dies or falls seriously ill?

Would there be cashflow problems if you lost one of your key employees?

Having business protection insurance with a suitable level of cover is the answer to these questions and many more.

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Next Steps

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