Reserve +

An international investment bond, offering a wide range of investment and administration options to suit you.

Reserve + is our tailored, tax-efficient solution. It could be ideal if you have a lump sum to invest for at least five years and are seeking capital growth, a regular income, or both.

You have the flexibility to build an investment portfolio that can adapt and respond to support your ever-changing circumstances.


Product features Investor Benefits
Two investment options. You can choose from two investment options 'Personalised assets' or 'Collective investments'.
Currency option.

You can choose to make or receive payments in US Dollars (USD), Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), Australian Dollars (AUD).

Regular or one-off withdrawals. The plan can be adapted to suit your lifestyle and varying needs.
Separate your plan into up to 100 policies. You have the flexibility to decide how and when to take payments or cash in your policies in the most tax efficient way.

Next Steps

To help achieve your financial goals, it’s important that you get independent financial advice. You can only buy our products through a financial adviser, so please speak to yours for guidance. They will help ensure your plans are tailored to meet your needs. If you do not have a financial adviser click here