Name Change for the underlying fund of R09 JPMorgan Taiwan

23 March 2016

We have been notified by JPMorgan Funds (Asia) Limited (the “Company”) of changes to their fund range, including the underlying fund into which R09 JPMorgan Taiwan invests.

The Company has stated:

“We are writing on behalf of the Management Company of JPMorgan Funds (the “Fund”) to inform you that a share class in which you are invested will be merged with another share class of the same sub-fund. This merger was identified to eliminate duplicate share classes and will be carried out in accordance with applicable Luxembourg law(s) and Article 21 of the consolidated Articles of Incorporation of the Fund dated 16 February 2011.

“In order to rationalise duplicate share classes within the J.P. Morgan Asset Management fund range, your investment in the “JPMorgan” prefixed share class (the “Merging Share Class”) will be merged into an equivalent share class prefixed “JPM” within the same sub-fund (the “Receiving Share Class”).“

“The mergers do not alter the way in which the sub-funds and share classes are currently being managed and their investment objectives, risk profiles and fees will remain the same”

As a result, the Company has advised that the underlying fund into which R09 JPMorgan Taiwan invests will be subject to a name change, effective from 31 May 2016.  The name of the Friends Provident International fund will also change with effect from the same date.

Fund name and code before 31 May 2016 Fund name and code from 31 May 2016
R09 JPMorgan Taiwan R09 JPM Taiwan

Please note that all other details of the underlying fund and the Friends Provident International fund remain unchanged.

Should you have any questions regarding this change, please contact International Funds & Investments.