Notification of changes to the underlying fund of J84 Fidelity Euro Blue Chip

11 Aug 2021

We have been notified by Fidelity International Limited (the “Company”) of the upcoming repurposing of the underlying fund of R149 Fidelity Euro Blue Chip. The changes will take effect from 28 October 2021 (the “Effective Date”).

Please see the table below for more details of the various changes of the underlying fund.


Before the Effective Date

With effect from the Effective Date

Mirror Fund name and code

Fidelity Euro Blue Chip (J84)

Fidelity Sustainable Europe Equity (J84)

Underlying fund name and code

Fidelity Funds – Euro Blue Chip Fund

Fidelity Funds – Sustainable Europe Equity Fund

Investment objective of the underlying fund

The fund invests principally in blue chip equities in those countries which are members of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and primarily denominated in Euro. Currently, these are the nineteen member countries but if other countries join the EMU in the future then investment in these countries may also be considered for inclusion in the fund. The fund is actively managed and references the MSCI EMU Index (the ‘Index’) for performance comparison only.

The fund aims to achieve long-term growth, primarily through investments in European equity securities. The fund is part of the Fidelity Sustainable Family of Funds and adopts a Sustainable Focused strategy under which a minimum of 70% of the fund’s net assets will be invested in securities deemed to maintain sustainable characteristics, as described in the section entitled “1.3.2 (b) Fidelity Sustainable Family of Funds”. The fund will consider a wide range of environmental and social characteristics on an ongoing basis. Environmental characteristics include, but are not limited to, climate change mitigation and adaptation, water and waste management and biodiversity, while social characteristics include, but are not limited to, product safety, supply chain, health and safety and human rights. Controversies involving environmental and social characteristics are regularly monitored. Environmental and social characteristics are analysed by Fidelity’s fundamental analysts and rated through Fidelity Sustainability Ratings. The fund seeks to promote these characteristics by adhering to the Fidelity Sustainable Family Framework. The fund is actively managed. The Investment Manager will, when selecting investments for the fund and for the purposes of monitoring risk, reference the MSCI Europe Index (the “Index”) as the Index constituents are representative of the type of companies the fund invests in. The fund’s performance can be assessed against its Index. The Investment Manager has a wide range of discretion relative to the Index. While the fund will hold assets that are components of the Index, it may also invest in companies, countries or sectors that are not included in, and that have different weightings from the Index in order to take advantage of investment opportunities. It is expected that over long time periods, the fund’s performance will differ from the Index. However, over short time periods, the fund’s performance may be close to the Index, depending on market conditions. Shareholders’ attention is drawn to the fact that the Index is not an index which integrates environmental and social considerations. Instead, the fund promotes environmental and social characteristics by adhering to the Fidelity Sustainable Family Framework, as described above.


Should you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact International Funds & Investments.