Clarification of Investment Policy of the underlying fund of P63 Janus Henderson Horizon European Growth (USD)

04 March 2019

We have been informed by Janus Henderson Horizon Fund (“The Company”) of a clarification of investment policy of the underlying fund into which P63 Janus Henderson Horizon European Growth (USD) invests. This will come into effect from 29 March 2019 (the “Effective Date”).

The Company has confirmed:

“On 29 March 2017, the United Kingdom Government gave formal notice of its intention to leave the European Union (“EU”). Under the terms of the relevant EU treaty, the earliest the United Kingdom can leave the EU will be 29 March 2019.

Taking into consideration the possibility that the United Kingdom may cease to be a member state of the European Economic Area (“EEA”) on or after 29 March 2019, the following clarifications will be made to the Prospectus in respect to those relevant Funds that reference the EEA in their Investment Policy. The changes (highlighted below in bold) will be effective from 29 March 2019. The relevant Funds will continue to be managed in the same way.”


Investment Policy

Janus Henderson Horizon Fund - European Growth Fund

The investment objective of the European Growth Fund is to achieve long term capital growth principally through investment in the equity by investing at least 80% of its total assets in equities of companies located or listed in Europe (excluding the United Kingdom) or, in the opinion of the Investment Manager, deriving a preponderant part of their income from Europe (excluding the United Kingdom).

The Fund invests at least 75% of its total assets in equity securities of companies having their registered office in the EEA.

Should you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact International Funds & Investments.