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The more you invest, the more is allocated to your plan and the quicker your capital starts working for you.

Zenith is a unit-linked international investment bond, specifically designed to give you access to a wide range of funds - managed by investment specialists from around the world.

If you need access to your money, you can arrange for regular or one-off withdrawals. This can be up to 10% of your original payment per annum, penalty-free in the first five years with no restrictions thereafter – as long as you leave the minimum amount in your plan.

Zenith may be ideal if you have a lump sum to invest for at least five years.

Product featuresInvestor Benefits
Tiered allocation.The more you invest, the more is allocated to your plan.
Regular or one-off withdrawals.Access to your capital, when you need it.
Death benefit.101% of the cash in value if the last of the named lives assured dies while the plan is active.
Option to pay additional contributions.You can add to your investment when it suits you.
Range of currency and payment options.So you have the choice to make your plan work for you.
Tax efficiencyYour savings could grow free of income and capital gains taxes (with the exception of irrecoverable withholding tax) regardless of your country of residence.

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To help achieve your financial goals, it’s important that you get independent financial advice. You can only buy our products through a financial adviser, so please speak to yours for guidance. They will help ensure your plans are tailored to meet your needs. If you do not have a financial adviser click here